WDIY newbie 250 cross - machine plant sprayers GPS one - key homing piX flight control integrated 12A Esc DIY UAV

WDIY newbie 250 cross - machine plant sprayers GPS one - key homing piX flight control integrated 12A Esc DIY UAV

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WDIY newbie 250 cross - machine plant sprayers GPS one - key homing piX flight control integrated 12A Esc DIY UAV
Sending list:
the remote control + frame has been composed of GPS+ integrated esc+4pcs motor + photographic head 1PCS, 5.8g image transmission 1PCS.
Support, fixed high, one key return, ground station map.
No battery
It is recommended to configure 11.1v and 2200mah battery.
The function picture is just the connection description, the shipping list does not record the camera,

~The developer preface, the fun of the ordinary traversing machine is very attractive, but for the operation skill is very high.
Many beginners lose interest, after a long period of observation.
WDIY has developed a GPS training machine.
Integrated circuit eliminates complex line connections.
For DIY players, you need only a few plugs to complete the connection.

~The default function definition of remote control.
Moving the left hand rocker up and down is the throttle control that controls both the height of the plane and the left and right direction of the movement, which is either left or right.
The right hand rocker is moving up and down the forward and backward control, that is, the plane forwards backwards.
Direction of motion.
Moving in the right and left direction is the right and right control of the plane, which is the direction of the plane moving to the right and left.
5 channel is mode control switch, 3, from top to bottom of 0 1 ‐ ‐ the default for manual mode 2, 0, the default value is 1 set high mode, 2 by default position keep mode (such as the same as big P model) of xinjiang
6 channel is knob switch default no function.
7 channels are two switches, from top to bottom of 0 ‐ 2, the default Settings for its function, switch between zero position at ordinary times, aircraft for returning to 2 position, 8 channels are knob switch, the default function for machine function, toggle switch flying machine interval "drops", when used to find the plane positioning.
Two flight mode
Lock machine mode: after the machine is on power, the system starts the process and starts the positive.
After a long time, the traffic lights are red and red.
The red light flashes as the lock state, the red light is in the state of unlocking, the green light flashes as the GPS search state, and it is always in the state of GPS 3D lock.
Unlock: push the left hand lever to the lower right corner, which is the lowest throttle and the right direction.
For a few seconds, the plane makes a long sound, which means unlocking and unlocking the plane.
The rotor will spin.
If the plane makes a short sound, it indicates that the unlocking is not successful.
P mode: this mode is the simplest, but this mode works in GPS 3D locking.
Under the condition, in this mode, the throttle lever stays in the middle position, and the plane keeps the eye.
The front height, the rocker elevates the height of the plane, and the rocker lowers the height of the plane. If the remote control is not controlled, the aircraft remains at the current position and the height remains unchanged.
Fixed high mode: in this mode, the throttle lever function is the same as the p-mode, but the mode does not use GPS, so if you do not control it, the plane will drift itself.
Manual mode: in this mode, the effect of the throttle rocker is to control the rise and fall of the aircraft, for example, if the work is in P mode and in fixed mode.
Surface, the throttle lever in the middle, said the plane to keep current height, if under the manual model, throttle rocker in the middle position, aircraft is said to work in the condition of 50% of the amount of throttle, this is a completely different concept.
Because this model does not use the inertial navigation system, the aircraft's inertial navigation system problems.
This mode can still be operated normally, but it is difficult to control and needs more practice.
Take off and land at the point of take-off and landing: switch the 5 - mode switch to 2, then try to solve.
Locks, in this mode unlock the process of the aircraft to check a number of important indicators,
Including the return point required for the return of the aircraft, etc., so the preparation needs one.
If the unlocking is not successful, please wait for a moment and unlock again. If the reverse unlocking does not succeed, it indicates that the plane has a problem.
After the unlocking is successful, push the throttle lever to the middle position, and the plane will not take off.
To push the gas through the middle, the plane will take off and get what it wants.
Height, push the throttle lever to the middle position, the aircraft to maintain the current altitude, take off to complete.
Pull the throttle down a little bit, and the plane begins to slow down, waiting for the plane to slow down.
Pull the throttle to the lowest level after the ground, and hear the rotors turn from high speed.
After a low speed, keep the throttle lever in the lowest position and push to the left.
First, hold the lock for a few seconds.
Set high mode takeoff: the fixed-height mode is basically the same as the fixed-point mode, but in the high mode, the position of the aircraft should be controlled without the GPS.
Manual takeoff: this model plane is very simple to work with, but it's a little harder to navigate,
Note that the throttle is pushed from low to high in this mode, the first two.
The mode throttle is not going to take off in the middle plane, and the throttle lever is in the middle, and the plane will hit the sky.
4: return voyage
Successful return must under the condition of the designated takeoff unlock success, that is to say, if the manual mode and fixed high take off, the plane can't successfully recovered, return the default 20 meters high, can be modified through the OSD menu options.
Under any state, the 7 channel is set to 2, and the plane will return.
The plane will fly to a predetermined altitude, then it will fly straight to the take-off point, then automatically land after the take-off point. In the course of the return flight, the channel 7 will be transferred.

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