Hooray hobbywing Platinum-100A-HV-V3 Brushless ESC Lotte XRotor HV 60A 80A high-voltage adjustment Plant Spray UAV 10kg

Hooray hobbywing Platinum-100A-HV-V3 Brushless ESC Lotte XRotor HV 60A 80A high-voltage adjustment Plant Spray UAV 10kg

Brand: Hooray hobbywing
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1. Multi-rotor UAV program dedicated core, throttle response speed boost
2. Disc brushless motor specifically for optimized firmware, compatibility is very good
3. Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, retaining only into the corner setting items (Mid Into corner / High Into corner), extremely easy to use
4. It supports up to 621hz frequency signal, and is compatible with a variety of flight control (ESC at this time of the throttle control signal is a non-standard signal).
XRotor HV 80A v3 parameters
Continuous output current: 80A V3
Instantaneous current (10 seconds): 120A
Battery sessions: 4-12S
Parameter options: Mid Into corner / High Into corner
Weight: 106g
Size: 77mm * 35mm * 21mm
XRotor Pro 40A can be easily placed within 25mm diameter carbon fiber tube, so that multi-rotor assembly becomes more simple and beautiful. Combined with exposed aluminum thermal and synchronous rectification technology, the cooling effect is more advantages, even within a closed carbon fiber tube, but also to ensure the stability of the work.
Suitable for large aircraft
Agricultural spraying UAV
100A v3 
feature of product
1.1 The use of high frequency performance up to 50MHz high-performance microprocessor, with excellent motor compatibility and drive efficiency.
1.2 support motor maximum speed up to 210000 RPM (2 pole motor), 70000 RPM (6 pole motor), 35000 RPM (12 pole motor).
1.3 has a "fixed wing mode / helicopter fixed speed mode / helicopter fixed speed (Wizard) mode / helicopter fixed speed storage mode" and other flight modes.
1.4 can be set throttle trip, compatible with a variety of remote control. With smooth, delicate speed control feel, first-class speed and linear speed of the throttle response speed.
1.5 microprocessor with independent regulator IC power supply, with better anti-jamming capability, greatly reduce the possibility of out of control.
1.6 Built-in high efficiency high power switch mode BEC, the output voltage can be switched between 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V software (* specific output voltage see the following parameter table).
1.7 new helicopter speed program, easy to operate; with excellent speed effect, in the case of rapid changes in load, the large paddle speed is more stable.
1.8 with a flame-off landing time to select the function, can be manually interrupted off the landing process and quickly restart the motor, to avoid crashes due to manipulation errors.
1.9 has a speed (RPM) signal output interface.
1.10 has a separate parameter setting interface for connecting the LCD programming box, the set box has a simple and intuitive interface, easy to set and modify the ESC parameters (see the set box instructions).
1.11 After connecting the computer via the USB interface on the programming box, you can upgrade the ESC.
1.12 independent parameter setting interface is also the electric running state data output interface, serial output mode can be real-time output ESC data, with the data transmission module can achieve real-time data monitoring and recording functions.
1.13 with "input voltage exception protection / battery low voltage protection / overheating protection / throttle signal loss protection" and other multiple protection functions, effectively extend the electrical life
ESC Abe agriculture UAV

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